When the team at Women & Automotive sat down to the drawing board to craft this year’s agenda, we wanted to tackle the big issues, the ones in the industry that we can’t afford to ignore. And after reviewing the Women & Automotive 2019 agenda — now live at womenandautomotive.com — we think you might
We all know good leaders can make or break a company. Just think about some of the largest companies today — they have prominent, involved leaders — think Amazon’s Jeff Bezos or YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, for example. But it takes more than brains and strategy to be a good leader. Qualities like mental strength,
As Women & Automotive 2019’s agenda evolves and solidifies, one thing is clear: Women in auto are interested, engaged and involved. That’s clear through the professionals that have already reached out this year to contribute insight, suggest topics, or reach out to speak at this years Women & Automotive: A Canadian Leadership Forum. #AutoWomenLead is