So, everyone these days is talking about the “new normal”, what that will look like, and when it will arrive, upon the further easing of COVID-19 restrictions. But the truth is — although our social lives, workplaces and industries might look a lot different than 2019 — many of the same career challenges and hurdles
The Women & Automotive Leadership Forum is coming up on its fifth year, and the team at W&A continues to be thrilled by the continuing progression in interest and industry support in this event designed to advance women into leadership positions across the auto industry. As we continue down this path in 2020, in an
The Women  & Automotive Canadian Leadership Forum — every year — has aimed to do one thing primarily: That’s advance women into leadership positions across the auto industry. This overarching purpose, of course, includes 2020 — the fifth year of W&A, coming up September 14 — at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto. The Forum
Mentorship. Workplace technology. Company culture. Conscious leadership. Securing the corner office. We could go on. As a leaders in the automotive industry, what’s your specialty? What insight do you have to offer other leaders,  or those still working their way up? Respond to the Women & Automotive Call for Speakers today! Closes June 15. We
Team meetings when the spark for Women & Automotive was first born. Thoughts that launched an initiative. The Canadian auto industry veterans that shared our team’s vision — and helped proliferate its goals. All of these played key roles in the launch and success of Women & Automotive. It certainly doesn’t seem like it could
Women & Automotive, now in its fourth year, has always been about engaging and channeling the issues top of mind for those looking to move into senior positions in auto — as well as those searching for an in to enter the industry. We want to hear from all of you — and that’s what will
The Women & Automotive Canadian Leadership Forum 2020 opened its Call for Speakers last week, and the team at W&A is looking for the best talent and most inspiring leaders to fill out the day-long September 14 event. Women & Automotive will once again be held conveniently in a one-day format in downtown Toronto at the
It’s a new decade. It’s a fresh slate. But, likely many of the same challenges — and opportunities — that existed in 2019 still remain as we kick off the next 10 years. But, with a new year also comes new chances to explore, make discoveries and facilitate breakthroughs to tackle those challenges and take advantage
Women & Automotive 2019. It’s been four years of W&A now — and the conversation has begun and continued — thanks to our speakers, sponsors and attendees! What’s ‘the conversation’, you might say? We are talking about discussions that empower Canadian women in the automotive industry. Advancing worthy candidates to leadership positions! In 2019, we
It’s just a bit over a week away from this year’s Women & Automotive: A Canadian Leadership Forum, and our team is excited to once again open the discussion for insight & info sharing, strategizing and networking in an effort to empower women into more leadership roles in auto. And what’s particularly interesting about an