When the team at Women & Automotive sat down to the drawing board to craft this year’s agenda, we wanted to tackle the big issues, the ones in the industry that we can’t afford to ignore.

And after reviewing the Women & Automotive 2019 agenda — now live at womenandautomotive.com — we think you might agree we accomplished our mission. Discussions will range from how to advance more women into c-level positions to how the auto industry can improve employee retention rates through engagement programs and more.

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See below for a sneak peak of the Women & Automotive 2019 agenda, featuring speakers from industry names like TRADER, Equifax Canada, OMVIC, Cox Automotive Canada, KAR Auction Services and more.

Women & Automotive Agenda Snapshot

On March 21, after the day starts off with registration and a networking breakfast — and a conference welcome from award-winning automotive journalist and event Emcee Petrina Gentile —  The President, CEO and Owner of the Economic Club of Canada Rhiannon Rosalind will launch the 2019 event with a session focusing on “Mindfulness in Business & Conscious Leadership.” In this session, Rosalind makes the case for conscious economics because she contends it’s the key to positive change and prosperity for all Canadians. Interested? Read more here.

Next up is a panel discussion led by Ashley Middleton, account director, sales at TRADER Corp., designed to “dismantle the lie of perfection,” and drilling down into why making mistakes leads to change, improvement, and just maybe — that next position. Panelists include, Michele Wedemire, Lender Development Director, Cox Automotive Canada; Deborah Butt, Consultant — Service Process Development, Toyota Canada; Jennifer Hurdman, Dealer Services Consultant, SAL Group; Farah Mohammed, Senior Education Officer, OMVIC; and Joanne Peddle, Product Leader, SCI MarketView. Read more here.

The Women & Automotive 2019 Agenda is Live!

Heather Macpherson, President and CEO of The Minery, is up next with a talk on leading with intention. Learn how to identify the moment your vision hits and how to build a team, as well as gain lessons on creating your story, testing your assumptions and getting meaningful feedback. Macpherson  will share with you the four cornerstones that help her to lead with intention, facing problems head on, asking and listening, thinking before doing, and critical reflection.

Next, we’ll address a question near to Women & Automotive’s core values. How can we get more women in c-level positions across the auto industry and beyond? “The View  from C-Level: Advancing Women Leadership in Auto,” panel discussion, led by Priyanka Mehandiratta, Director of Learning, DX-Learning Solutions, aims to bring leaders together to discuss ways to create real change and provide actionable insights to changing the corporate discussion.This expert panel lineup includes human resources professionals, as well as leaders across the auto industry: Sandra Kim, director, human resources, TradeRev; Laura Zanchin, EVP, Principal, Zanchin Automotive Group; Ruth McBride, VP, Manufacturer Partnerships, Dealer Products and Programs, Scotiabank; Leanne Kripp, Director, Head of Autos, Kijiji Canada; and Lisa Nelson, president and GM, Equifax Canada.

The closing keynote of Women & Automotive 2019 will be given by Beth Worthington, Chief People and Culture Officer at TRADER Corp. Worthington will address topics including the low employee retention rates in the auto industry and what needs to change to enhance career paths across all auto business segments. Worthington asserts engagement with employees — beyond the first year after hire — is key to real change.

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