We wanted to start Women & Automotive 2019 with a bang, with fresh new content and perspective — and most of all, with information that would resonate and stick with our audience.

Rhiannon Rosalind,
President & CEO, Economic Club of Canada;
Founder & President, Jr. Economic Club of Canada

That’s why this year, Rhiannon Rosalind, President, CEO and Owner of The Economic Club of Canada, and Founder of The Jr. Economic Club of Canada, will be kicking off the March 21 event. Rosalind, as the leader of Canada’s Podium of Record, has hosted an impressive lineup of voices  over the years, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Former First Lady Michelle Obama, and human rights advocate, Amal Clooney, among many others.

She says she is looking to redefine what it means to be a corporate leader in Canada. And that’s the perspective she’s bringing with her to Women & Automotive 2019, as well.

During the first keynote of the day, Rosalind will focus on Mindfulness in Business & Conscious Leadership. According to Rosalind, we need a new economic framework — one that reflects where we want to go as a society.

People should be just as valued as the industries they work in, she contends, and as with most things, ‘it starts at the top,’ “meaning we need conscious leadership to get us there.

“Conscious economics is understanding the link between mindfulness and wellbeing and economic prosperity,” she said. “The more we understand ourselves and the psychological, physical and emotional impact of our current lifestyle and habits — the more equipped we will become to change, adapt and create something better.”

And Rosalind applies this theory to our economic systems, our corporate culture and our political and educational infrastructure.

During her Women & Automotive 2019 presentation, Rosalind will make the case for conscious economics, which she contends is key to positive change and prosperity for all Canadians.

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Audience members will leave Rosalind’s presentation with actionable ways to increase mental strength in the workplace, insight on exploring economics’ and business through the lens of social and personal wellness, and practical advice for business leaders and entrepreneurs to increase performance and productivity.

As for what Rosalind thinks mental strength really means, it takes into account the ‘human elements’: “To me, strength means a willingness to use vulnerability and authenticity in the workplace. At a time when advanced technology, machine leaning and automation are rapidly involving our workplace, the human element is ever more important,” Rosalind told Women & Automotive.

Rosalind, recognized as a true “influencer” in Canada, joined the The Economic Club of Canada in 2008 and became Owner, President and CEO in 2011 at 26 years old. She has been named one of Canada’s Change Agents by Canadian Business Magazine and one of Canada’s TOP 100 Most Powerful Women in Business three times.

“A conscious leader is someone who makes a daily effort to work and live beyond ‘autopilot mode.'”

— Rhiannon Rosalind, The Economic Club of Canada

Curious about what’s important to Women & Automotive’s opening keynote? Look no further. She is passionate about highlighting the most important issues Canada is grappling with—from gender equality to racism and exclusion on Bay Street, she is looking to challenge corporate Canada to see its role in creating a more prosperous and equal future for everyone.

Beyond her work amid the corporate environment in Canada, her priorities also include advocation for youth. According to The Economic Club of Canada website, Rosalind has developed seven national programs under the Jr. Economic Club banner that have impacted over 50,000 young Canadians and provided over $150,000 in academic scholarships.

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