We all know good leaders can make or break a company. Just think about some of the largest companies today — they have prominent, involved leaders — think Amazon’s Jeff Bezos or YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, for example.

But it takes more than brains and strategy to be a good leader. Qualities like mental strength, empathy, mindfulness, self-awareness, resilience and more, are key.

And of course, one of the primary goals of Women & Automotive: A Canadian Leadership Forum is to advance and empower women in the auto industry — into their next position, or into the leadership role that meets their goals.

This year, we are taking a hard look at leadership. Not only what it takes to be a great leader, but also strategies to improve your leadership style and ways to better connect with both your colleagues and employees.

Kicking off the Women & Automotive event with the first keynote of the day is Rhiannon Rosalind, President and CEO of the Economic Club of Canada — which has earned the prestigious reputation as Canada’s National Podium of Record.

Rosalind will address the topic of “Mindfulness in Business & Conscious Leadership.” Rosalind asserts we need a new economic framework, one that reflects where we want to go as a society.

People should be just as valued as the industries they work in. As with most things, ‘it starts at the top,’ meaning we need conscious leadership to get us there, she says. In her session at Women & Automotive, Rosalind makes the case for conscious economics as the key to positive change and prosperity for all Canadians.

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After graduating from Ryerson University, Rosalind joined The Economic Club of Canada in 2008 and became Owner, President and CEO in 2011 at just 26 years old. She has been named one of Canada’s Change Agents by Canadian Business Magazine and one of Canada’s TOP 100 Most Powerful Women in Business three times.

Later in the day, attendees will also be privy to a session that addresses the key traits of leadership, as well as leading with intention, from Heather Macpherson, president and CEO at The Minery.

Growing a company is challenging, but growing a company with intention takes self-awareness, tenacity, resilience and vision. Leaders have the opportunity to impact at each interaction, and doing so with intention is critical to growing your company. This is the story of one women’s inspiring journey to building a successful company rooted in intentionality. To be intentional requires a leader to be aware of what they are doing, what they are saying, how they say it and, how their actions impact those around them.  In this keynote, Macpherson will share with you the four cornerstones that help her to lead with intention, facing problems head on, asking and listening, thinking before doing, and critical reflection.

As president and CEO of the Minery, Heather believes the use of technology can greatly accelerate the performance improvement process, allowing a way to operationalize and measure expectations, while also increasing engagement and accountability from employees. Her company can best be described as a hybrid of technology and consulting services targeted for automotive clients, with two main areas of focus: Helping OEMs improve their brand and helping dealers improve their performance.

Our newly confirmed Closing Keynote speaker is Beth Worthington, Chief Culture and People Officer at autoTRADER.ca. The strategic human resources professional will offer insight on employee engagement, reducing turnover rates, mentorship and more. Worthington touts experience in the areas of human resources strategy, employee relations, labor relations (dispute resolution and collective agreement negotiations) and talent management. Worthington joined TRADER in 2015 as Director of Human Resources. Prior to her current position, she was VP of Human Resources for the company.

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