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With the Auto Remarketing Canada Conference right around the corner, it’s a great time to think about checking out the Women & Automotive Canadian Leadership Forum the day after on Thursday, March 29th. Multiple studies have come out extolling the virtues of women’s professional networking events, and the results for attendees of conferences such as these have been stunning — one study of the Conference for Women, published in Harvard Business Reviewshowed 42% of attendees received a promotion within the following year!

You can register here for this amazing event, or contact Accu-Trade Director of National Sales Logan Keirstead to talk about why you should be attending — after all, she’s been there before. The full agenda is online, but here are two panels that we’re very excited for:

“How Networking Replaced Resumes — Making Connections That Matter” — Logan Keirstead, Alex Collins, Carrie Oliva and Destiny Ponte

For decades, job hunting revolved around marketing yourself to companies with the assistance of one piece of paper: your resume. Resumes were king, and for many people they still are. But what if they’re becoming a thing of the past? That’s the focus of this panel discussion moderated by Accu-Trade’s own Logan Keirstead.

Logan and three other panelists discuss how the importance of creating connections through networking has steadily risen over the past few years, and why that matters for everyone in the auto industry. They’ll also discuss tools that women can use to progress in their current positions, foster valuable business connections and even advance higher in their companies.

If you’re still not sold, a preview of the session (written by Logan) will appear in the March/April issue of AR Canada.

“The New Characteristics of Successful Modern Leadership” — Miranda Pyette, Shannon Friesen, Klaris Kovacs and Ali Woodley

Many of the women on the schedule know a thing or two about leadership — indeed, several were profiled in AR Canada’s Profiles in Leadership issue earlier this year. The four women hosting this panel discussion have risen to the top of their industries in fields ranging from automotive consulting to dealer services to manufacturing, and now they’re all working together to explain how the concept of an ideal business leader has evolved over the years in the automotive industry.

Although there is no clear and universal path to becoming a great leader, the speakers on this panel will offer terrific insights into how ambitious individuals can harness inclusive, open styles of leadership to move up the ranks in their companies. It’s more important than ever for young women (and men!) to identify good leaders and mold their careers in that image.

Attending Women and Automotive 2018

Now in its third year of existence, the Women and Automotive conference is a must-attend event and a great way to support women leaders — as well as those who hope to lead the industry in the future.

The Women & Automotive Canada Leadership Forum offers a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity and a chance to connect with some of the foremost leaders across the Canadian automotive industry. But it offers more than that. It gives attendees the chance to be part of a movement and event that aims to provide women entering the automotive industry with the tools they need to assume top-tier leadership roles, and to break any remaining ‘glass ceilings’ along the way.”
— W&A Content Coordinator Sarah Rubenoff

Sounds pretty amazing to us. We hope to see you there!

Click here to register for Women & Automotive and attend these exciting, informative panels yourself.

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