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Today we’re celebrating International Women’s Day with wise words from our inaugural ‘Profiles in Leadership’ award recipients and all around inspirational female leaders of the automotive industry.

  • I always try to look forward and not back and provide my teammates with continual performance feedback and clear expectations. —Alba Henderson, Bickley Ford
  • I dig right in to motivate and engage my team to achieve our goals together and deliver results for the organization and for our customers. —Jill Hadfield, TRADER Corporation
  • I believe that a leader should listen to understand, instead of listening to answer. —Julie Oliveria, Riverside Ford Sales
  • I believe in leading by example, with empathy. I always look for the good, I listen and seek to understand when there is a conflict, and ultimately stay focused on our goals. —Karey Davidson, RSR Global
  • I believe that people will follow those whom they trust and respect. The challenge is building that trust and respect, which can only be done through opportunities that allow the leader to prove their support for the team. —Kim Miller, ADESA Toronto
  • I try to inspire through honest communications and a positive attitude, empowering employees help them to explore all their assets. —Liliane Dubois, Equifax Canada
  • It’s important to ignite a shared excitement and enthusiasm to create an energetic and motivated team. —Lisa Church, Honda Financial Services
  • I don’t believe in cardboard cutout leadership, I’d rather empower people to bring their strengths to the table. —Logan Keirstead, Accu-Trade Canada
  • I define a leader as someone who works alongside you and who is a champion of the people who they work with day in and day out. —Lori Murtagh, SCI MarketView
  • I have an untraditional leadership style.  I believe in the strength and value of a team much more than I believe in the traditional hierarchal structure. —Maria Soklis, Cox Automotive Canada
  • I like to say and firmly believe that, “Speed of the leader determines speed of the pack!”  —Michelle Mullins, Impact Auto Auctions
  • I work closely with my troop to provide assistance, to work on strategy and exchange ideas. We work as a team to find solutions and to get better. —Mylène Pagé, CDK Global
  • I spend most of my decision-making time looking forward. I paint the picture where the business needs to go. I ask questions and encourage my team to do the same. —Ruth McBride, Scotiabank
  • I am always looking to the future to see where we need to navigate in order to stay ahead of the curve.  Communication among the management team is a requirement, not an option. —Susan Gubasta, Mississauga Toyota
  • To me, a leader is bold, courageous and unafraid to take risks. I endeavor to inspire, lift and motivate my team to be their very best each day and to be present with their customers in everything they do. —Leanne Kripp, Kijiji 

Join us on Wednesday, April 5 for a special awards luncheon honoring this inaugural class followed by a panel discussion featuring a few of the Women & Automotive Profiles in Leadership Award recipients. Find out in person how these leaders are shaping the industry and discover how you can take some of their leadership lessons back to your role within the industry to effect positive change and become a more effective leader. This session will be an interactive one, as we’ll ask for questions from attendees to shape the conversation.

Register for the forum by this Friday, March 10 and save $100 with early bird discounts.

Now it’s your turn! Tell us about the women in your life that inspire you to achieve your goals and give you the courage to break through the glass ceiling.