As part of the Special Conference Edition coverage in the March/April issue, Auto Remarketing Canada is launching a new feature called Women & Automotive: Profiles in Leadership.

In conjunction with the Women & Automotive: Canadian Leadership Forum, Auto Remarketing Canada will be compiling a handful of profile stories about women in the Canadian auto industry who exemplify the best in leadership.

Thus far, the nominees have included the dealership world, auto finance and auto technology.

“And that’s a great first step,” said Auto Remarketing Canada senior editor Joe Overby. “We are looking for nominees in any and all areas of the Canadian car business.

“The goal is to have a mix of retail, wholesale, OEM, remarketing dealers, finance, aftermarket, technology, vendors and so on,” he said.

Know someone who fits that description? If so, we want your input.

If you have a suggestion for an auto industry leader(s) for us to profile, please email by Feb. 3 with the following:

  • Her name, position and company.
  • Her email
  • Her top leadership qualities.

Please note that this is not limited to the used-car business. These women can be from any area of the Canadian automotive industry at large: retail, wholesale, OEM, dealers, finance, aftermarket, technology, vendors and so on.

We want to represent the Canadian auto industry at large.

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