We are about three weeks away from the first-ever 2016 Women and Automotive conference, and can you believe that some people haven’t registered yet? I mean, it makes you wonder what they’re waiting for, right? Haven’t they seen our incredible lineup of speakers and sessions? Did they forget to check out the growing list of attendees interested in promoting diversity in the auto industry? Do they not realize that we have 6 hours of networking built into our agenda so they can meet face-to-face with the contacts on that list? Are they perhaps just not interested in EXCLUSIVE presentations from Cox Automotive’s Maria Soklis, Facebook’s Erin Elofson, AIA’s France Daviault and more?

Who knows what’s holding them back, but make sure you don’t fall into that crowd by registering NOW and adding your name to our attendee list!

Once you’re registered, the next step is to make the most of some of our attendee tools. Just head on over to our agenda, and set up your attendee account. I promise it’s simple and SO worth it.

Steps to Create an Attendee Agenda Account.

  1. Click the “Sign Up” link right above the agenda.
  2. Either create an account using Facebook or enter your email,  name and password.
  3. Click to instantly connect your social networks, upload a profile picture and add a bio.
  4. Create your customized schedule by selecting the sessions you plan to attend and clicking “Add to My Sched.”
  5. Bookmark womenandautomotive2016.sched.org on your mobile device for easy access to the mobile version of the site, sponsored by Pfaff Automotive Partners. Or for a preview of the mobile web app when you’re not on a mobile device, visit womenandautomotive2016.sched.org/mobile.

For more detailed instructions about using the mobile agenda watch the video below or visit womenandautomotive2016.sched.org/help for written instructions.

But keep in mind, registering for an account on Sched doesn’t mean you’re registered for the conference! Be sure to complete your full registration on the Women and Automotive site here!