2019 Call for Speakers

The deadline submit your proposal is Wednesday, December 19th at 12 p.m. ET.

Got relevant data or actionable solutions to share with our industry?

Our goal is to bring the freshest, most valuable content in the industry to our attendees, and we rely on our speakers to provide that edge. Our attendees want actionable items that they can take back to their workplace and implement right away on topics like advancing women in their careers, respect in the workplace and cultivating a diverse, inclusive atmosphere across the industry. Help them, teach them, bring them some new ideas with your presentation, and they’ll come back to you for more.

New, never-before-seen presentations

Bring us something novel! We recognize that takes more time and effort on your part. But we can guarantee that the response will be much more positive, increasing the benefit that you and your company receive from participation in the Women & Automotive Canadian Leadership Forum.

Don’t bring us your sales pitch

We know it’s tempting to spread the good word about your exciting new product or service. But our attendees simply do not respond well to a “salesy” presentation. They want actionable items that they can take back and immediately put to work. If you spend your time trying to sell them something, they’re probably going to wind up with a negative experience. If you give them concrete plans and goals instead, attendees will leave with a positive view of your company and will more likely reach out for more information from you and your team!

Ready to submit your proposal?

Please read the following information carefully before submitting your speaking proposal. We have specific requirements for all sessions, and your submission will not be considered if it is not completed in accordance with those requirements.

The following information MUST BE INCLUDED with your submission, so be sure to have it completed and on-hand before starting the submission process. Your submission WILL NOT be accepted unless all of these items are provided:

  • Session Title (60 characters max)
  • Session Description (100 words max)
  • Session Objectives
  • Intended Audience
  • Speaker Information (including bio and headshot)

The following information is OPTIONAL but highly recommended as a way to improve your submission:

  • Link to Video Clip
  • Comments

If you have any questions about the submission process or about speaking at the Women & Automotive Canadian Leadership Forum, please contact Content Director Sarah Rubenoff at srubenoff@cherokeemediagroup.com.